12 Ways You Never Thought You Could Use Deodrants

1. It stops your feet from sweating.

At night, rub some deodorant on your soles. Just like your armpits, it can keep your feet from sweating. Even better, it can make your feet smell better, too.

Actually, you can try this trick pretty much in any area — under your boobs, behind your knees, and even your palms — you want to keep extra dry.

2. It protects your feet against blisters.
There’s no denying new shoes take a few wears to really break in. Luckily, a little deodorant can make the easing-in process a lot less painful. Simply swipe the back and sides of your foot before throwing on your just-purchased heels or flats. The deodorant acts as a barrier, protecting your skin from friction. (Thanks Mashable!)

3. It also curbs chafing.
For those of us who’ve suffered from annoying thigh burn, this trick is life-changing. Just rub a bit of deodorant on the inside of your legs before you head out on a hot day. This especially works before a run.

4. It relieves itchy insect bites fast.
Most deodorants are made with aluminum, which is great at easing irritating bug bites. The best part? The relief is almost instant.

5. It can remove nail polish in a pinch.
Spray a little deodorant on a cotton ball or pad and just wipe it away. You can also spray it directly onto your nails. But you have to work fast because spray deodorants usually dry quickly.

6. Clammy hands

If you’re going to an event where you’ll be expected to shakes hands and you’re worried that you’ll have sweaty hands, rest assured we have the answer for you – deodorant! Spray or roll it on your hands before you start to sweat and be confident your hands are dry as you grab your boss’s.

7. Haircare 101

Do you have the kind of hair that will react to the slightest whisper of sweat? Deodorant can help! But you need to pre-empt it and lightly apply a layer of (clear) roll-on deodorant around the hairline – and especially around the base of the neck – before you start to sweat. It will so save your hairstyle.

8. Zap the zit

Deodorant is made to remove moisture, so this nifty little skincare trick shouldn’t really come as a surprise. And no, it’s absolutely not a great idea to put deodorant on your face. Not at all. But from experience, when desperation ensues, one learns that applying a tiny but of stick deodorant to a pimple sends it to zit heaven pretty damn quickly …

9. Make-up or break-up

Keep the oil at bay with this tricky make-up technique applied by the stars! Put stick deodorant on your finger and dab under eyes and T-zone – this will help to create a matte look.

10. Relief razor burn

If you’ve shaved your legs and are now suffering from the effects of razor burn, get your stick deodorant on the job and relieve the grief by applying it to the affected skin. It will soothe and relieve.

image of shaving legs

11.Man boob care

Hey blokes, next time you head out for a run, rub your nipples with stick deodorant before you begin. It will help you avoid nasty nipple chaffing that’s a common irritation for male runners.

12.Remove permanent marker

If your kids have been up to no good and applied a delightful permanent marker drawing to your wall, try spraying some aerosol deodorant on the stain and then wiping the area clean with a paper towel. How re-marker-able is that? This alternate use works due to the high alcohol content in deodorant sprays.

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